Discover the Patient Benefits of using Mini Suppositories.

Discover the Patient Benefits of using Mini Suppositories.

Jul 19, 2018Anthony Hose

Our pharmacy is now compounding various types of personalized medications readily available as mini-Suppositories. This new form of suppositories offer numerous benefits and they are available almost exclusively through our compounding facility. Developed by compounding pharmacists, Pebble Beach
mini-Suppositories offer unmatched comfort and unique advantages like never before. Some of the benefits include ease of insertion, improved patient comfort and adherence, and reduced leakage. Pebble Beach mini-suppositories may be packaged with the Gentle Dose® cavity applicator when requested. Each mini-suppository measures a half-milliliter, resembling a small half-inch pebble.


  • Petite Size
  • Faster Absorption
  • Less leakage/ mess
  • Faster onset of action 
  • Improved patient compliance

Speak with one of our friendly pharmacists to learn more about mini-Suppositories and the types of medications that can be personalized.

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