Discover the Patient Benefits of using Mini Suppositories.

Our pharmacy is now compounding various types of personalized medications readily available as mini-Suppositories. This new form of suppositories offer numerous benefits and they are available almost exclusively through our compounding facility. Developed by compounding pharmacists, Pebble Beach
mini-Suppositories offer unmatched comfort and unique advantages like never before. Some of the benefits include ease of insertion, improved patient comfort and adherence, and reduced leakage. Pebble Beach mini-suppositories may be packaged with the Gentle Dose® cavity applicator when requested. Each mini-suppository measures a half-milliliter, resembling a small half-inch pebble.


  • Petite Size
  • Faster Absorption
  • Less leakage/ mess
  • Faster onset of action 
  • Improved patient compliance

Speak with one of our friendly pharmacists to learn more about mini-Suppositories and the types of medications that can be personalized.

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