How can Bio Energetic Imprinting help Chronic Pain?

How can Bio Energetic Imprinting help Chronic Pain?

Jul 26, 2018Anthony Hose

In order to know how to deal with pain effectively, it’s a good idea to understand where it originates. Long before you feel the physical sensation in your body – whether it’s through that chronic ache in your neck or back, tingling in your extremities, or dull aches and pains throughout the stomach or other areas of the body – pain begins in the nervous system. Signals from the nervous system go to the brain, heightening your awareness of the symptoms. Pain, whether it’s chronic or acute, also creates an emotional response – essentially how we view those symptoms and sensations. Have you ever noticed how pain makes you feel more anxious or stressed, which then leads to heightened pain symptoms?

Mind Body Matrix has found the solution through a proprietary bio-signature imprinting process – information the body uses to help create a natural healing process – pain relief solutions are designed to reduce energy intensity by turning down the emotional energy and subsequent pain intensity. With consistent and recommended use, these bio-signatures in homeopathic pain relief solutions can restore balance to the mind-body connection to live in a more active and harmonious state – without the need for prescription medication.

Mind Body Matrix proprietary cream Combines the power of natural herbs,  essential oils, and energetic frequencies to liberate, rejuvenate, and align the mind and body. It targets physical  pain and liberates emotional energy blockages associated with pain. Click on the Image to get yours today!

Give our pharmacy a call to speak to one of our pharmacists to see if Mind Body Matrix is the right fit for you and if you have any other questions! 

Now Available at Folsom Medical Pharmacy!

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