Amlodipine Transdermal Gel

Amlodipine Transdermal Gel: Compounded Amlodipine may be prescribed to treat High Blood Pressure in pets. Generally, available custom strength may range between 0.05ml to 0.2ml. With just One CLICK, Amlodipine Transdermal Gel can be dispensed and administered with TICKERmini® Transdermal Applicator.

TICKERmini is a novel metered transdermal applicator that is a one step process for dispensing and applying medications for your pets. With its ease-of-dosing and ease-of-use, TICKERmini ensures that patients receive accurate amounts of compounded medication. TICKERmini offers pet parents less exposure to medications and is hassle free through its “touch-free” applicator. Transdermal routes, utilized with TICKERmini, are a solution for pets that have difficulty dosing oral or injectable routes of administration. TICKERmini Transdermal Applicator dispenses transdermal gels, creams, and ointments prepared by your compounding pharmacy. TICKERmini is readily available all across the United States. 




The information above is for educational purposes only. BIOSRX supplies empty containers without medication. You may contact us to find a qualified compounding pharmacy that can dispense this medication near you. Always ask your veterinarian if a transdermal gel dispensed in the TICKERmini applicator is the most appropriate treatment.