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Folsom Medical Pharmacy was established in 2007 in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains but convenient to Sacramento. Our team of compounding pharmacists are community-minded, with the ultimate goal to serve our patients. We specialize in bioidentical hormone therapy and veterinary compounding. We work with concierge doctors practicing integrative medicine.

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We use innovative pharmacy technologies to deliver superior results, for the advantage of our patients. 

Folsom Medical Pharmacy serves patients throughout the area, including Rocklin, Roseville, Loomis, Auburn, Georgetown, Penryn and thorugh the I-80 corridor, up to the Nevada border. We ship prescriptions throughout California, and it typically arrives to the patient within a week of being ordered by the doctor. This includes patients from Sierra Compounding Pharmacy in Auburn and H&H Pharmacy in Rocklin. 

Folsom Medical Pharmacy carries hormone therapy saliva tests, same day service, and competitive pricing for all bioidentical hormone replacement therapy prescriptions. 

Our over-the-counter brands are amazing too. We carry two organic skincare lines, and professional grade vitamin supplements with natural ingredients.

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