Mind Body Matrix Pain Cream

Advanced Bioenergetic Technology

Mind Body Matrix's proprietary cream combines the power of natural herbs,  essential oils, and energetic frequencies to liberate, rejuvenate, and align the mind and body. It targets physical  pain and liberates emotional energy blockages associated with pain.
What is Mind Body Matrix? 

There are many potential distortions that could prevent your body from returning to homeostasis, or its natural state.  Functional Energetic Medicine uses specific, bio-informational frequencies to correct these distortions. The Mind-Body Matrix Cream system incorporates groundbreaking science into the cream base incorporating specific frequencies into the system to jump start the healing process. Our founders and doctors truly believe that the Mind Body connection is the beginning of healing.

When we look at pain most people  define it as “An unpleasant feeling conveyed to the brain by sensory neurons”.  However, pain is more than a sensation or a physical reaction. It also has an emotional component.  This emotional response adds a new dimension to how we view pain.



The Benefits

  • Comprehensive pain relief cream to manage your pain origins, relax your mind, and balance your emotional response
  • Manage your inflammation through grounding frequencies
  • Escape the usual fight-or-flight system that pain causes
  • Uses essential oils & botanical extracts to promote a natural healing environment within your body
  • Helps you minimize prescription usage with undesirable side effects