We work together with pediatricians, families, and their children to customize pediatric medications and meet specific needs for each patient. Children pose many challenges when it comes to medication: they may dislike the taste or texture of a particular drug, have difficulty swallowing tablets or capsules, have particular allergies, or are often fearful of injections. Most medications are not labeled for pediatric populations, and when a medication is not approved for use in infants and children, it usually is not available in a suitable pediatric dosage form.

Folsom Medical Pharmacy can compound oral medications into pleasantly flavored suspensions, solutions, rapidly dissolving tablets, or lozenges, dye free or using a little bit of color that would entice the child to take the medication. Some drugs can be compounded into transdermal gels that can easily be applied to an appropriate site, such as the child’s wrist, for absorption through the skin.