Sildenafil Troches

Sildenafil, (the active ingredient in Viagra) and Tadalafil, (the active ingredient in Cialis) are now available at Folsom Medical Pharmacy in personalized strengths.

Cialis and Sildenafil are FDA approved for erectile dysfunction by increasing blood flow to cause an erection.

With the ability to customize or "compound" your medications, physicians are now able to prescribe and personalize these medications for you, in a manner that is optimal for your unique body. For example, if you are allergic to blue or red dyes, we can simply omit those dyes from your formulation.  Likewise, if you have an allergy to any of the exicpients in commercially available drugs, then we can customize a special formulation just for you in our compounding laboratory starting with raw ingredients.

When deemed appropriate by a physician, women may also benefit from sildenafil or tadalafil use, empowering a better sexual lifestyle. Dye-Free dosage forms are available and they include capsules, sublingual troches for fast acting effects, and even combinations with other medications into a single formulation.  As a compounding pharmacy, we are able to personalize your medication your way.

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