The Compounding Pharmacy Near Me That Cares

At Folsom Medical Pharmacy, we care about every patient. We use the latest compounding technology in our state-of-the-art compounding pharmacy. The products we prepare range from bioidentical natural hormones to transdermal pain medications, and pediatric formulas for children.

"The compounding pharmacy near me that cares" Stacy H.

"At last, a compounding pharmacy near me to personalize all of my medications" Lisa, A.


What is a Compound?

A compounded medication is usually a personalized form of a drug that has been prescribed for you.  The benefit of compounding is that you have better control of every ingredient that goes into making a prescription drug. Oftentimes you can tell the compounding pharmacist which ingredients you desire and which ingredients you want to avoid.  Another benefit of compounding is that your doctor can request different strengths and dosage forms than what is commercially available. For example, an oral drug for pain can be converted into a suspension, or a transdermal cream.

Some limitations in compounding does exist, so make sure to check with your compounding pharmacist and physician about which medication, and dosage form is best for you.