WP Thyroid Shortages

Drug shortages can result from many sources such as manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, re-packagers. Possible explanations for the recent thyroid medications shortage are discussed below.


The challenges to obtaining inventory have led doctors and pharmacists to find alternate ways to provide timely, effective care for our thyroid patients.

Sichuan Friendly Pharmaceutical Co. Limited, China, produces porcine thyroid, an active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) in popular thyroid brands. In August 2018, the FDA began a recall of all porcine thyroid API from Sichuan Friendly as a result of a failed facility inspection from 2017, noting deficiencies in quality, stability and potency. Subsequent companies that use this particular API in their thyroid products are affected.

RLC Labs, makers of Nature-Throid and WP Thyroid, have stated on its website as of September 24, 2018, that they experienced major hurdles in obtaining a key raw material. WP Thyroid is currently unavailable, and Nature-Throid has limited availability.

ASHP Current Drug Shortages as of 7/9/2018 lists Thyrolar oral tablets (made by Actavis) on long-term back-order due to manufacturing changes. Additionally, some pharmacies are unable to order certain strengths of Levothyroxine. Brand name Synthroid appears to be unaffected. The International Academy of Compounding Pharmacy (IACP) recommends patients contact local compounding pharmacies for thyroid medication alternatives.

Our compounding pharmacy is able to customize each thyroid prescription individually. Despite current manufacturer shortages, we can make any thyroid strength with minimal fillers to fit your needs. Our products used to compound thyroid prescriptions are not affected by the FDA recall of porcine thyroid.


If you have any questions regarding compounding and thyroid medications, please feel free to contact Folsom Medical Pharmacy and speak with one of our friendly pharmacists.

By Folsom Medical Pharmacy