Ask Dr. Marie


"Straight Talk & Reassuring Answers to Your Most Private Questions"

By: Marie Savard, M.D, with Sondra Forsyth

Whatever they call it, for many women the area “down there” is only half-familiar, its problems mysterious and  hard to discuss. They tend to think their concerns are unique, specific, unsolvable, and embarrassing. But after fielding thousands of women’s health questions during her career, Dr. Marie Savard can safely say that she has heard it all at least twice. In Ask Dr. Marie, she explains what’s what, what’s normal, and what to do when problems occur—as if she were a sister or best friend with all the time in the world to discuss symptoms and solutions.

Beginning with a primer on what goes on down there—including “A Guided Tour of Your Inner Terrain,” and “The Thinking Woman’s Guide to Having Fun in Bed”—Dr. Marie then goes on to 
address related issues by life stages, sharing advice on how to get the health care you need and answering the questions women have about everything from hemorrhoids to urinary tract infections, menstruation to menopause, fibroids to fat cells, explaining causes and treatment options, and how they affect the rest of you (including your sex life). She also lists specific concerns and questions to bring to your doctor’s attention, so you can make the most of the little time you have during an appointment.

Written by an exceptional doctor with equal parts compassion and experience, Ask Dr. Marie is an invaluable resource for women of all ages and all backgrounds.
“Dr. Marie has crafted a straight up, accessible summary of the most important questions on female sexuality and reproduction. She will help move you from embarrassment to empowerment.”
—Dr. Mehmet C. Oz, author of Healing from the Heart and coauthor of the best-selling YOU: The Owner’s Manual