Testosterone TD Cream

Testosterone TD Cream

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Testosterone Transdermal Gel: Compounded Testosterone may be prescribed to treat Low Testosterone levels in men and women.  Testosterone Transdermal Gel is now dispensed and administered with TICKER® Transdermal Dispenser.  This easy-to-use, and easy-to-dose transdermal dispenser simplifies dosing while empowering patients with the right, “touch free” applicator for applying the gel directly onto the intended skin site as prescribed.  Depending on the prescribed concentration, your doctor or pharmacist may instruct you to dial, Five CLICKS (50 mg), Ten CLICKS (100mg), Twenty CLICKS (200mg), or other amounts. In practicality, TICKER can dispense any-dosage, and common testosterone dosages in men may range between 10 mg to 300 mg per day. At a concentration of 200mg/mL, each CLICK with TICKER dispenses 10mg of Testosterone. Other concentrations are also commonly prescribed with testosterone transdermal gel when packaged with TICKER, and the volumetric dosage may range between One CLICK (0.05mL) to twenty CLICKS (One ML).  

With TICKER, the transdermal route is the solution to problems associated with distasteful oral drops or lozenges and painful injections.  TICKER is ideal for dispensing nearly all transdermal gels, creams, and ointments prepared by compounding pharmacies and outsourcing facilities that rely on precision, accuracy, and ease of use.

Ask your doctor if a medicated transdermal gel, cream, or ointment is the most appropriate treatment for your well-being.   

This medication is available by prescription only and not sold online. If you have any questions please contact Folsom Medical Pharmacy, and one of our pharmacists would be happy to answer your questions.